A Limited Edition Kobe Bryant Sculpture Is Dropping At Plastic Cell This Week

pre-order Kobe Bryant limited edition sculpture by Plastic Cell

From sneakers to podcasts, there’s been no shortage of ways for basketball fans to remember the Kobe Bryant Farewell tour. And with the exception of those using The Hater’s Guide to Kobe Bryant’s Final Run as their Bible this season, those who proclaim #ballislife would be well served to decorate their home with a trinket that’ll make Kobe Bryant fans light up when they walk in the room. If you’re searching for a unique way to pay homage to The Black Mamba, look no further than Plastic Cell’s upcoming sculpture

Known for crafting collectible art, Plastic Cell has garnered a notable following by releasing sculptures in the likeness of pop culture icons and characters like 2Pac, The Notorious B.I.G., Walter White, and The Joker. Following the recent release of a Conor McGregor sculpture, PC has revealed that it will release the “Mamba” sculpture in honor of Kobe’s retirement.

The majority of the Plastic Cell’s hand-molded figures are about 5-inches tall and are in the $175-$375 price range. Fortunately for the Kobe faithful, the 6-inch tall limited edition sculpture falls on the more affordable end of that spectrum at $195.  The sculpture will be sold at PlasticCell.bigcartel.com with pre-orders starting at 12pm PT on April 13, the day of Kobe’s final NBA game.

Kobe Bryant will play the second-to-last game of his pro career tonight at 8pm ET when the Lakers take on the Thunder in Oklahoma City. Expect Kevin Durant to show respect to the 5x NBA champion.

Get a detailed look at Plastic Cell’s “Mamba” sculpture in the gallery below and stay tuned for look out for more details on the limited edition release.

Photo Credit: Plastic Cell

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