“Batman v Superman” Visual Effects: Before and After [VIDEO]


There’s no denying that many who’ve seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice wouldn’t call it their favorite Superman movie, nor would they rank it as one of the best Batman films ever. Regardless of your personal opinion or the critics’ reviews, the blockbuster film has plenty to offer viewers. One thing that we can all agree on is that the visual effects in director Zack Snyder’s latest DC Entertainment vehicle are top-notch.

In a similar fashion to how Hearing Mad Max: Fury Road explores the awesome sounds of George Miller’s epic movie, a new video from the good folks at MPC pulls back the digital curtain to show some of the computer-generated movie magic that made Batman v Superman so visually stunning. The revealing clip shows the before and after breakdown of multiple scenes in the film, including a demonstration of how three costumed figures standing in front of a green screen became a trio of heroes in the middle of a chaotic battleground. Other moments that appear raw then remastered are when The Dark Knight stands next to the Bat Signal to draw out Superman, and several parts of the subsequent brawl that ensues between the two caped crusaders.

The most interesting takeaway from MPC’s Batman v Superman VFX breakdown is that Batman’s armored Batsuit is all the product of CGI. The before shots of the son of Gotham’s fight with Kal-El shows the latter wearing his signature duds, while a double steps in for Ben Affleck’s Batman in a specialized motion-capture suit.

Watch the video above for an inside look at the visual effects of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In case you missed it, check out the curious deleted scene from the film that surfaced last week, and don’t miss out on a tour of the Batcave on Google Street View.

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