Game’s Final Words To Kobe Bryant: “Thank You”

Game Kobe Bryant

West Coast rapper Game has reflected on NBA icon Kobe Bryant‘s legacy following a memorable 20-year run in the league.

Game penned an extensive essay in remembrance of Kobe’s record-breaking professional career this week.

“My favorite championship moment is all [five of them] because I’m always in some type of situation, whether it be my house since I came into my own celebrity or before when I’d be at a random bar or at a friend’s house. There’s always some naysayers, always somebody hating on the Lakers and saying what Kobe wouldn’t be able to do without Shaq. Then Shaq leaves and here comes Pau Gasol and Kobe does it a few more times. Then it’s like, “Oh, Kobe always has to have a big man.” It’s like you get to a point where you have to start saying that Jordan couldn’t do it by himself, he wouldn’t do without [Scottie] Pippen, and [Toni] Kukoč, and Steve Kerr and so forth.” (Billboard)

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