Google VR Headset Reportedly Releasing in 2016

Google VR headset to release in 2016

The whispers of Google’s interest in developing virtual reality hardware have now becoming something more. Initial details about the design and functionality of the tech giant’s first official VR headset have come to the light.

Financial Times sources describe the first real Google VR headset as far superior to the existing Google Cardboard headset. Intel on the forthcoming Google headset indicates that it’s equipped to directly compete with Samsung’s Gear VR. The leak describes that the new VR headset from Google lets users slide a smartphone of their choice into a plastic housing that’s designed to work with built-in motion sensors. Should the information from the leak hold true, the first true Google VR headset should arrive later this year, along with new software that could greatly enhance the VR experience.

Additional info from the leak alludes to the new Google VR headset ditching the third-party apps like the one used by Google Cardboard. Instead, Google will blend its VR tech into Android itself. Moving VR into Android would combat issues like lag and the subsequent nausea that users might have experienced after lengthy sessions with a VR headset.

The details leaked about a Google VR headset have yet to be confirmed by the company, but we could be in for a preview of their new endeavors in virtual reality as early as May, when Google I/O 2016 is set to take place.

In other news, Google Fiber has begun rolling out free high-speed Internet for low-income homes.

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