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  • This Is They
    This week Charlamange and Andrew discuss, Bill Maher and fat shaming, Killer Mike at Revolt, gay weddings, Tim Tebow's comments and lots more... Read more »
  • Listen To The Lisp
    This week Charlamange and Andrew discuss eating helathy, Antonio Brown's week, what is freedom, and lots more!!!... Read more »
  • Heaven Yelp Me (Feat. Kaz and Akaash)
    This Week the Flagrant 2 boys Kaz & Akaash stop by with Charlamange and Andrew and they discuss, Malik Yoba’a comments, Charlamange talks about being on HBO’s The Shop and the conversations the episode started, and more!!!... Read more »
  • Choke The Chicken
    This week Andrew and Charlamange talk about Chappelle's new special, chicken sandwich wars, Andrew talk about he new comedy special, more chicken, Kapernick, chicken, people being critical of Jay-z, charlamange eats some chicken, and more!!! Check out Andrew Schulz's "The Crowd Work" special on youtube https://youtu.be/nS_6c4PyJvg... Read more »
  • Sibling Rivalry Podcast: Episode 04
    This week Angela Rye and Lenard discuss Kapernick, Jay-z and the NFL, Popeyes and tHe power of social media, Jean Cramer's racist comments and more!!!! Subscribe to Sibling Rivalry on iTunes: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/sibl…st/id1466787788 Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/siblingrivalry-podcast/... Read more »
  • A Star Is Born (Feat. Star Brim)
    This week Star Brim sits in with CThaGod and Andrew and talks about growing up in Brooklyn, being in locked up, life lessons she's learned, how she became friends Cardi B, Humble the Poet drops in too, and more!!!... Read more »
  • Sibling Rivalry Podcast: Episode 03
    Head over to https://soundcloud.com/siblingrivalry-podcast and subscribe to stay up to date.... Read more »
  • Piston Honda (Feat. Jah & Aida Rodriguez)
    Andrew is back from Japan, Jah (@HipHopObama) & Comedian Aida Rodriguez stop by and discuss Jay-Z's deal with the NFL, Kapernick, Andrew talk about his Japan experience, Jeffery Epstein conspiracy, latest in politics, and more!!!... Read more »
  • C*M & Basketball (Feat. Miko Grimes, Wayno, and Intern John)
    Miko Grimes, Wayne, and Intern John return this week and discuss A$AP Rocky, breast milk, Hip Hop top 50 list, NBA legends, and lots more!!!... Read more »
  • This Podcast Must Die (Feat. Glasses Malone & Tazz)
    This week Andrew is back and Glasses Malone and Tazz join the podcast and talk, R. Kelly, Democratic debate, Trump in 2020, reperation, Lebron Vs. Bird, and lots more!!... Read more »
  • Hard Boiled D. (Feat. Mandii B, Carla Wilmaris, & Mouse Jones)
    This week Mandi B (WHOREIble Decisions Podcast)Carla Wilmaris (Sh!t I'm 30 Podcast)& returning guest Mouse Jones(Guys Next Door Podcast) sit with Chalamange and discuss A$AP Rocky, Euphoria on HBO, parenting, Nicole Murphy and Antoine Fuqua, and more!!!... Read more »
  • CrackHead Head
    This week Charlamange and Andrew discuss, crackheads, Beto O'rourke. Trump's racist tweet, what is #HotGirlSummer and #CityGirlSummer, plus lots more!!!... Read more »
  • Airdrop The Pickle (Feat. Nefertiti Jaquez)
    This week Nefertiti Jaquez sits with Charlamange and Andrew and they discuss the licking food trend, Michelle Obama, ASAP Rocky being locked up in Sweden, and more!!!... Read more »
  • Get A Milli, Lose A milli (Feat. James Altucher)
    This week, entrepreneur, author, venture capitalist, podcaster, James Altucher is on the podcast with Andrew Schulz and talks about making and losing millions of dollars several times throughout his life, keys to success, doing comedy, and more!!... Read more »
  • Meet The BLACKSSSsss (Feat. Tazz)
    This week Charlamange and Andrew discuss, Democrats running for president, being on joe Rogan, having kids, BET awards, and lots more!!!... Read more »
  • Orange Juice (Feat. Intern John)
    This week Charlamange and Andrew discuss, Fathers day, Bill Cosby, Lavar Ball, OJ Simpson, and lots more!!!... Read more »
  • F.B.I ( Faithful Black Intelligence)
    This week Charlamange and Andrew discuss, #BlackManDontCheat, NBA Finals, Andrew talks about his experience at a gay bar, and more!!!... Read more »
  • Jesus Luiz Jr. (Feat. Miko Grimes)
    Miko Grimes is back! This week Charlamange Andrew, and Miko discuss, Jay-Z becoming a billionaire, Anthony Joshua fight, When They See Us on Netflix and more!!!... Read more »
  • Sibling Rivalry: Episode 02
    Sibling Rivalry: Episode 02 by Charlamange Tha God and Andrew Schulz... Read more »
  • My Nilla Va Nilla
    This week Charlamange and Andrew discuss, hemmroids, politics, DaBaby’s fight in the mall, residency’s in Vegas, and lots more!!!... Read more »


  • The Coodie and Chike Episode
    Internets! This latest episode of Talkitecture features the next vanguard and cultural visionaries. Coodie and Chike are a filmmaking team who have been quietly defining how we see our HipHop heroes for more than a decade. Their work with KanYe West inspired my efforts in film and video development. I hope... Read more »
  • The Jack Thriller Episode
    Internets! What’s wilder than a one-eyed Jack? This episode of Talkitecture features HipHop’s big joker Jack Thriller. What does it take to become a star in the new media landscape? Hard work and a hardcore belief in your talents. Don’t sleep on this creep. Get Jacked!... Read more »
  • The "Meet The Talkitects" Episode
    Internets! Who is this collection of fuckybergs we call the Talkitects? You already know A-King and Dallas Penn from the Combat Jack Show. But who is this asshole Haitian Miguel? Who are these meatsticks Barkayeezus and G-Y? Why won’t Joy da Great let us slide up in her DMs? Whoa! Take... Read more »
  • The "Bad Meaning Good" Episode feat. Zahira Kelly AKA Bad Dominicana
    TALKITECTURE: Don't get too close, internets because you might get shot. On this episode of Talkitecture, we feature Bad Dominicana, A latinx activist who is definitely not lacking in looks or smarts. If you want to avoid getting your steez #metoo'd you better listen closely so you learn how to talk nice.... Read more »
  • The "Ryan's Song" Episode feat. Royce Da 5'9"
    TALKITECTURE: For this episode, the talkitects sit down with master hip-hop lyricist Royce Da 5'9" and discuss how his life and upbringing in Detroit has brought him to this fateful position in his career. Royce is a pivotal figure in hip-hop s he has worked with some of the greatest artists... Read more »
  • The "What's Love Got to do With It ?" Episode feat. Dating Guru, Tennesha Wood
    Internets! For all of you who have been looking for love in all the wrong places, the talkitects sit down with a dating guru so you can get your spring fling and summer jump-offs right before cuffing season gets underway. What is the correct way to ask for some casual sex... Read more »
  • The Lost Champagne Episode feat. DonWill
    Internets! The Talkitects are back with another one. This time we bring in our longtime friend and hip-hop renaissance man, DonWill. DW is one of the first internet rappers via OkayPlayer. He's branched out into all types of entertainment since the founding of his band Tanya Morgan. Tune in for a minute... Read more »
  • The "Behold, She's a Lady" Episode feat. Jamilah Lemieux
    On this episode of Talkitecture we have a long time friend and supporter, the incomparable Jamilah Lemieux. Ms. Lemieux shares HerStory and walks us through some of the challenges that we’re all dealing with in these trying times. Please share, subscribe, rate and comment --> soundcloud.com/talkitecturepod Disclaimer: The views and opinions... Read more »
  • Can We Get Much Higher? feat. Hawaii Mike Salman
    On this episode the Talkitects sit with one of the best tastemakers in the game. Mainly because he transformed himself into a chef. Hawaii Mike Salman is about as Hip-Hop as you can get. He has transformed himself from a journalist to a mass marketer to a cannabis advocate. One of... Read more »
  • The Brooklyn Lifestyle Episode feat. Ouigi Theodore
    On this episode the Talkitects sit down with lifestylist, entrepreneur, and supreme Brooklynite Ouigi Theodore. He fits right in with the Talkitects as we learn of his journey thru the Kings County and 1990s New York City. Theodore is the founder of the Brooklyn Circus boutique and gallery. He is much... Read more »
  • The Crime x Punishment Episode feat. Kenneth Montgomery
    On our second episode of the Talkitecture podcast we welcome long time friend, Attorney, Culturalist, Sir Kenneth Montgomery, ESQ. We’re talking politricks, culture, the mounting challenges in the prison industrial complex and more. Of course, Team Talkitect are on deck. Please rate, subscribe, comment and follow @talkitecturepod on all social... Read more »
  • Talkitecture Debut Episode
    Brand New Podcast Hosted By Dallas Penn and the Talkitects. Talkitecture Podcast... Read more »
  • The Reunion Episode
    Internets! This episode was in the making for a long time. While we’d preferred to have done this while our dear brother Combat Jack was still with us in the physical, you asked for it and we finally got it done...The Reunion Episode. Yes, the crew was in the building...... Read more »
  • The Stevie J and Ed Woods Episode (Re-Release)
    While we’re still morning the loss of Combat Jack we felt it was only right bring back to you Ed Woods (RIP) and friend/client Stevie J. for this #TBT episode. Nothing but sheer laughs and game from the finest in the music industry. ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION: The current king of Black people... Read more »
  • The Pilot Episode feat. Bosnaud & Jusdave
    On this episode we mourn the loss of our dear brother Combat Jack. A-King takes us down memory lane and reflects on some of the most notable moments along side Shade 45 (All Out Show) personality and hip hop jornalist Justin Hunt aka The Company Man. This ep is also... Read more »
  • The Shoot Your Shot Episode
    So much is going on this week. The crew recaps a few things going on in the culture, new releases, the art of shooting your shot and more. #CombatCancer... Read more »
  • The Return Of Uncle Luke
    On this episode we welcome back the father of southern rap, Luke Campbell aka Uncle Luke. Unc stopped by to discuss his forthcoming TV series “Liberty City Warriors” produced by Lebron James and Starz, being honored at the BET awards, SB Nation creating the “Piesman Trophy” Award, his new weekly... Read more »
  • The Power Through Episode
    After taking a week off A-King and Mena are back along with photographer @brotha_kristufar kicking game about powering through a few transgressions as they hold it down for the iconic Combat Jack. #CombatCancer #RaiseTheBar... Read more »
  • We Don't Bend, We Don't Break Episode
    Every now and then The Combat Jack Show uses its platform to bring forth upcoming new artist(s), innovators, creatives etc. In this case we had upcoming podcasters @lionofbedstuy and @RobbieDigital88 of the PSA Podcast (@psanycsquad). We’re talking podcast gmae, relationships, culture and much more. #RaiseTheBar #CombatCancer... Read more »
  • The Kardinal Offishall Episode
    On this episode Combat Jack and A-King sit down with the T-Dot ambassador Kardinal Offishall. He’s talking his early years in Hip Hop, opening the door for artists from Canada gloabally, his relationships with Drake, Tory Lanez, Busta Rhymes etc., his forthcoming project “Celebrity Marauders” and much more. Kardi is... Read more »