Kyrie Irving’s Baby Mama Is Out For The Cash, Allegedly

Kyrie Irving is a proud papa that may also be looking forward to 18 years of baby mama struggle. The Texas beauty queen mother of the Cleveland Cavaliers point guard’s baby girl is seeking more control of the child support he kicks out to her every month. 

In their initial agreement, Irving would kick Andrea Wilson $4,500 a month, along with paying all the kid’s miscellaneous expenses like doctor visits, extracurricular activities, etc., and have a say in how the loot is spent. But, Wilson want to change those terms.

Reports Bossip:

Andrea filed court papers asking a judge to enforce a new paternity agreement between the pair, which would give her sole control over how baby Azurie’s $4,500 a month in child support is spent. Andrea’s new proposed paternity agreement would also require the NBA to take the $4,500 a month child support directly out of his salary, according court docs filed in Tarrant County, Tx. District Court. It also puts it in writing that Kyrie is solely responsible for the child support.

But Kyrie fired back in his own filing this week, asking the judge to let him make decisions along with Andrea on how his daughter’s $4,500 a month child support payments are spent, and he wants to have until the 15th of the month to pay.

The Cleveland Cavaliers player claimed in court docs that the way Andrea tweaked the language in the proposed agreement would damage his relationship with his baby girl, and asked a judge to throw it out. Kyrie said Andrea’s proposed paternity agreement would violate Texas state family law, though he doesn’t spell out exactly how it would.

Seems like Kyrie isn’t trying to pay for Wilson’s pricey shoes or expensive clothing—we’re speculating.

Hope your lawyers are on the job, Kyrie.

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