Lawrence Taylor Offers Advice To Johnny Manziel

There’s no easy way to put thing for Johnny Manziel, but his career is screwed. After he was indicted today for misdemeanor assault of his ex-girlfriend, along with a number of other incidents that has followed the former Heisman Trophy winner, he’s in need of some good advice.

Who better to give it to him than NFL Hall of Famer, Lawrence Taylor. Lest we forget, the legendary Giants linebacker once arrived to a team meeting in handcuffs, had sex with an underage prostitute, and (allegedly) did lots and lots of blow. So if there’s anybody who can advise Johnny Football on what to do to salvage an NFL career, it’s him.

“It’s not the 1980s. It’s not the early 1990s. You cannot do what you want to do in the NFL anymore,” Taylor said to TMZ cameras while often slurring. “With social media and all that stuff man, listen…Man, back in our day, if you didn’t hear it on Monday, motherfucker, you free! You free!”

The Giants’ linebacker played a character loosely based on himself in the film Any Given Sunday, and depending on who you ask, it doesn’t seem like it was that much of stretch for him. “Listen, at the end of the day, you do what you gotta do to make what you gotta make to do what you wanna do,” he said. “So listen, after that fuck it.”

In so many words LT just Johnny Manziel to chill out, and if he isn’t going to at least stay out of the eyes of cell phones and cameras when he decides to wild out. “He’s got to get the rat out of his life.”
Sound advice. Check the full video on TMZ.

Photo Credit: Daily News.