Lil’ Kim Needs You To Know She Was Using Auto-Tune Before It Was Cool

Lil’ Kim is a trendsetter and she likes to remind the world of that every chance she gets. Her latest revelation comes courtesy of an interview with Rolling Stone where she says that she was on the Auto-Tune wave 16 years ago.

In a sitdown with writer Elias Leight, Lil’ Kim talks about her most recent mixtape Lil’ Kim Season and how she’s managed to stay relevant by working with newer artists and hopping on their beats.

She also shared that she was using a particular studio tool that a lot of these new artists are currently overusing, Auto-Tune. When asked why she sang so much on Lil’ Kim Season she replied:

Everyone needs to go back and remember my older music. I even used Auto-Tune back when no one even was touching it – I used it on The Notorious K.I.M., on a song called “I’m Human.” I sang on all my albums; this is nothing new to me. It’s just that people haven’t heard from me in a while, so they only remember most of the singles that were put out. People need to remember how different every song I put out [was]. “Kitty Box” sounds like something that would be out now. I was ahead of my time, all the time.

“I’m Human” and “Kitty Box” probably don’t ring a bell in Hip-Hop circles since these songs are two examples of Kim experimenting with pop music and going for a mainstream audience. To her credit though, she was jumping in that lane before it was cool to do too. Kudos.


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