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  • Ashanti Gives Ginuwine Heart Palpitations With Curvaceous Lap Dance
    R&B legend Ashanti has been making her musical rounds as of lately with rapper Ja Rule. And during a recent stop, the songstress invited another music legend, Ginuwine, on stage to get a special dance. Now, we all know Ashanti's body is a problem and handcuffed Ginuwine quickly realized it. A video... Read more »
  • New Orleans Pelicans Hire Nets' Trajan Langdon As GM
    The New Orleans Pelicans had a bit of a shaking up earlier this year when Anthony Davis declared that he no longer wanted to play for the city. Davis was their very own superstar who seemed committed to bringing a championship to New Orleans, until he wasn't. Such is the... Read more »
  • Blac Chyna & Tokyo Toni Reconcile In Person After Trading "I Love You's" Online
    This weekend's been kind to Blac Chyna and her closest of kin. Earlier in the day, TMZ issued a report objectively pointing the finger at a substantial lack of evidence governing the "knife attack" allegations dating back a couple of weeks. Without much in the way of material evidence, the hairstylist... Read more »
  • Kevin Feige Reveals His Defining "Marvel Cinematic Universe" Moment
    Avengers: Endgame continues to plow its way through any and all box office records, currently on the verge of seizing Avatar's blue-tinted crown. Now, coming off an extensive and well-received Reddit AMA, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige gave fans many tidbits to unpack concerning his vision, work ethic, and history shaping... Read more »
  • Blac Youngsta Gets Overly Anxious During Awkward Questioning By Nardwuar
    Blac Youngsta was one of the recent artists to be interviewed by Nadwuar Serviette. As usual, the interview involved a series of questions which took viewers down memory lane and left Blac Youngsta very puzzled (and lowkey scared). While we still don't know how Nardwuar acquires such precise information, it is still funny... Read more »
  • Future Gives 5 Year Old Son A Rolex For His Birthday & People Are Confused
    Remember when you were a kid, and were blessed with those presents you would long for now but seemed useless back then? This may be one of those instances. Future took to social media to show the world his expensive birthday gift for his son Baby Future, and the internet... Read more »
  • Cardi B Urges Her Fans To Stop Putting Her "On F*cking Blast" In Public
    We have always known Cardi B  to be transparent about her thoughts and feelings. And as such, the rap artist had a simple request for her fans with regards to seeing her in public. "When y'all see me, can y'all please not scream out my name?" she asked, in reference to... Read more »
  • Damian Lillard Has Been Playing Through "Separated Ribs" Injury: Report
    Damian Lillard hasn't been himself throughout the Western Conference Finals. We can rule a lack of confidence because that's never been an issue for Dame Dolla. There's also no reason his form would suddenly fall off a cliff with the reigning champs lying in the way.During a riveting Game 2 encounters... Read more »
  • Lonzo Ball "Intrigues" The Chicago Bulls Ahead Of NBA Draft
    Back in February, the Lakers were trying everything in their power to acquire superstar Anthony Davis from the New Orleans Pelicans. Lonzo Ball was placed into several deals to gain the star, which allegedly shook things up in the Ball residence. At the time, the Ball crew had made it... Read more »
  • Megan Thee Stallion Fires Back At The Doubters: "I Write All My Own Shit"
    Megan Thee Stallion was in no mood to horse around with her songwriting credentials fast becoming a topic of conversation on social media. In so few words, "Hot Girl Meg" addressed the situation in two short-winded Instagram stories. In the first of two postings, Megan writes, "I write all my... Read more »
  • HBO's "His Dark Materials" Trailer Looks Like Another Fantasy Hit
    Though Game Of Thrones may be coming to an end, HBO is looking to pick up with another fantasy series to sate the weeping masses. This time, they're drawing from author Philip Pullman's bestselling His Dark Materials novels, bringing forth a star-studded cast of Dafne Keen (Logan), James McAvoy, Ruth Wilson, and Lin Manuel... Read more »
  • Kehlani Shares Photo Of Daughter Adeya Nomi: Report
    Though the internet features numerous photos of R&B songstress Kehlani posing with her baby girl, Adeya Nomi, none truly show what the baby truly looks like. Indeed as of yet, all we saw were a set of tiny legs or photos of Kehlani holding her child, posing purposely in a way... Read more »

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