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  • Jill Scott Gives Trey Songz Her Vote Of Approval: "Actually Quite Beautiful"
    Jill Scott's name has been all over the place after a video surfaced online from one of her performance this year. The clip in question shows the neo-soul presence singing on stage and mimicking oral sex movements on her microphone. Jill is known to get a little freaky during her stage... Read more »
  • Ice-T Tries Bagels & Coffee For The First Time
    Two weeks ago Ice-T tweeted out the shocking revelation that he'd never tried a coffee or a bagel in his entire life. It's odd, to be sure, that anyone could go their whole life (Ice-T isn't young anymore) without even taking a slurp of diner coffee or a foamy sip of... Read more »
  • 6ix9ine Is Too Dangerous To Be Let Out On Bail, Says Judge: Report
    Tekashi 6ix9ine is currently behind bars without bail after he was indicted on racketeering and firearms charges. The rapper was denied bail earlier today after the judge revealed that she believes the Brooklyn rapper is too much of a danger that even keeping on house arrest might be a risk.Bennett Raglin/Getty ImagesAccording to... Read more »
  • All Saints Support Little Mix's Claims Against Sexism In Music Industry
    All Saints are currently back on tour and promoting their string of concerts. During one of their interviews, they were asked to comment on the issue of sexism in the music industry. Their fellow British female group, Little Mix, had recently brought up the subject. The members of All Saints seemed... Read more »
  • Channing Tatum Geeks Out After His "Idol" Snoop Dogg Gifts Him Something Special
    Channing Tatum was privileged enough to have met one of his "idols" but was very upset with his attire he happened to be wearing, that consisted of a tight pair of khakis, red shoes and a tucked in white dress shirt. "Never [felt] less cool in my life. I don’t know what... Read more »
  • DC Starts Online Poll To Decide If "Titans'" Robin Lives Or Dies
    It must be hard to be a TV writer. Having to make decisions about which characters to kill of and which ones to keep alive would be hard just from a story perspective, but what about all those nasty fans? If you kill of the wrong character people might get... Read more »
  • Wack 100 Offers Harsh Take On 6ix9ine's Legal Predicament
    The history between Wack 100 and Tekashi 6ix9ine runs deep, as does the animosity. Back in March, when 6ix9ine appeared dead set on antagonizing the entire West Coast, he made enemies out of several prominent rappers. Most notable were YG and The Game, and thus, 6ix9ine inherited a beef with Game's... Read more »
  • XXXTENTATION Murder Suspect Wants $10K For Gang Expert To Testify: Report
    The suspects in XXXTENTACION's murder case have been maintaining their innocence since they were captured. One of the men accused of killing the South Florida rapper, Dedrick Williams, has been trying his best to prove his innocence by requesting the court for money in order to conduct his own private... Read more »
  • Kim Porter's Casket To Travel In Horse-Drawn Carriage At Funeral: Report
    Just five days after Kim Porter's passing, the funeral plans for the former model, actress and mother of four have all been set in stone, TMZ reports. Kim's ex Diddy has reportedly arranged to have his soulmate buried in the city that raised her (Columbus, Georgia) and her casket will arrive... Read more »
  • Will Swae Lee's Solo Career Be Bigger Than Rae Sremmurd?
    If you were to Google “Swae Lee hooks,” a bevy of online forums and articles discussing the Rae Sremmurd alum’s tremendous skill as a featured artist would crop up. His smooth vocals and songwriting abilities cast him as an invaluable addition to any project, and have made him increasingly marketable... Read more »
  • Blac Chyna Wants 6ix9ine To Remain In Prison: "Free Never Mind"
    You've surely heard all about Tekashi 6ix9ine's recent arrest as the feds nabbed him and a handful of other men for racketeering and firearms charges. It is being reported that 6ix9ine is a member of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods gang, pitching in on several instances of organized crime. Tekashi is... Read more »
  • Sylvester Stallone Didn't Direct "Creed 2" Because "The Rocky Universe Is Gone"
    Sylvester Stallone has a big roster of franchises under his belt, all of which he is intimately involved in. Usually he plays at least the title character (Rocky Balboa, John Rambo) and will often also write and direct the film too. But with Creed 2, he decided to recuse himself from... Read more »

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