Motorola Enlists Graffiti Legend Futura to Customize Moto X Pure [VIDEO]


The Moto X Pure has been blessed with a makeover from graffiti legend Leonard McGurr bka Futura. Enlisted by Motorola to customize the device with a vibrant design in his signature style. To highlight the unexpected collaboration between the tech company and mobile phone manufacturer, Motorola has released a short feature title “MOTO Reissued” in which Futura speaks on his extensive résumé and what intrigued him to work on the project.

Known for his past collaborations that include Nike, Supreme, Converse, Bape, Sprite, and Hennessy, Futura’s work on the Moto X Pure presented itself as a very different opportunity for the artist. “It’s getting harder and harder to maintain your individualism. Original painted phones, rather than some kind of manufacturing, I think is really interesting. I haven’t done anything like this in the past,” says the veteran graffiti writer.

Watch “MOTO Reissued” above to learn a bit about Futura’s journey and see him break out the fat caps to tag up 30 Moto X Pure  smartphones. The video also includes some footage of Futura from the archives. The custom designs include a blood splatter effect and the artist’s signature tag. There’s no word on if or when the custom Moto X Pure will be available for purchase.



[Engadget via Motorola Mobility]

Photo Credit: Motorola

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