Netflix Is Introducing HDR Streaming

Netflix now supporting HDR streaming

Netflix is getting complacent after its recent global expansion. Since the company’s Mobile World Congress announcement that it would mainly focus on HDR (high-dynamic range) in addition to more original programming, Netflix has slowly started to introduce the technology to its customers.

Netflix has been exploring HDR content for over a year. While there’s been no official announcement about rolling out HDR on the streaming service, it appears Netflix is testing the waters with some of its original programming. Speaking with FlatpanelsHD, Yann Lafargue, Netflix’s manager of corporate communications said “We are indeed live with HDR. It works with compatible TVs, both in HDR10 and Dolby Vision.”

At present, Season 1 of Marco Polo is the only show streaming in HDR. According to Netflix the technology will soon be expanded to included shows like Marvel’s Daredevil. Netflix plans to deliver 30 new original shows/seasons and 10 original movies in 2016. A spokesperson for Netflix recently told Insider CI that said that HDR programming will be delivered to compatible TVs anywhere that Netflix is available. Netflix also issued a supporting statement to Engadget in which they claim the service has been providing customers with Dolby Vision and HDR10 streams since mid-march.

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