“Orange Is the New Black” Trailer: Inmates Clash as Litchfield Goes For-Profit [VIDEO]

As Netflix gears up for the fourth season of Orange Is the New Black, the streaming service has unleashed a proper trailer to showcase the madness that lies ahead. Season three was a welcomed change of pace, diving into the dynamics of Litchfield Penitentiary’s inmates by further exploring their origins while veering away from Piper Chapman as the show’s central focus. And from what’s shown in the trailer, Orange Is the New Black will continue in that direction as Litchfield turns for-profit and the inmates must contend with 100 new inmates, stricter rules, and an entirely new structure that will irrevocably alter prison life.

OITNB has always walked the line between comedy and drama, and we see that here, with Uzo Aduba’s Crazy Eyes cracking jokes before the trailer progresses into darker territory. The biggest question to be answered when the show premieres is the fate of one Alex Vause, who was attacked in the show’s final moments last season. Will she survive? She’s noticeably absent in the trailer, so we’ll have to wait until June 4 to find out.

And don’t expect Netflix’s critical darling to near an end any time soon. Earlier this year, they announced the show’s renewal that will extend Litchfield’s antics for an additional three seasons after season four. For now, take a look at the brand-new trailer up top and let us know what you expect from the upcoming batch of episodes.

Photo Credit: Netflix