Rosalía Takes Another Step Towards Global Stardom On “Aute Cuture”

If you’re still wondering why Rosalía is being touted as the next Global phenom, feast your eyes on “Aute Couture,” the latest in a series of calculated steps into foreign markets. Instead of opting for a universally-recognized English language set, Rosalía is creeping on up through the Americas – in her native tongue. The world doesn’t revolve around American soft power, as much as The GOP would like you to think otherwise.

Rosalía’s El Mal Querer was universally praised for its ingenuity when it dropped in November of 2018. From there, Rosalía to preserve her Flamenca roots with thinly-veiled pop music agenda. The Spaniard often finds herself on the border of uncharted territory. Even so, she never ventures without adhering to the fundamentals. For example, when she tried her hand at Reggaeton with “Con Altura,” she didn’t seem out of place next to the in-form J Balvin. The jury’s still out.

Will Rosalía gain the trust of the Latin-speakers in America, or will she falter somewhere down the line due to her colonial ties with Spain? In all fairness, she seems to be trending towards widespread acceptance.

On “Aute Coutiure,” Rosalía playfully subverts this notion that “high fashion” isn’t for the faint at heart. “I wrote this song before going out to tour El Mal Querer and I have taken the time necessary so the song would come out with the best video to accompany it,” she mentioned in communique with the press. There’s a hope “Aute Couture” can serve a bountiful purpose in our everyday lives, with special attention given to the Jill’s and the Bob’s who don’t read Robb Report on the latrine.

Quotable Lyrics:

Yo te bendigo si te tengo al la’o (Amén)
Su nombre en el cora ya no está clava’o (Nah)
Mano’ en el aire si te lo han rasga’o (Uf)
Que yo lágrima’ suelto un puña’o
Olé yo, ¿y qué?

– Rosalía