That 21 Jump Street/MIB Crossover Is Happening – Here’s the Title

MIB 23 Crossover

During Sony’s infamous hack in 2014, a bunch of hot tidbits surfaced online. We learned what studio execs really thought of top-tier celebrities like the “minimally talented” Angelina Jolie, discovered movie gossip about upcoming titles, and of course, learned about the curious (and unexpected) crossover between Men in Black and 21 Jump Street. It was rather an unlikely combination, but one that started to make sense as time passed.

Along with announcing the title for their Spider-Man film with Marvel Studios, Sony also gave some insight on the crossover project with an official title, MIB 23. Jump Street directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are onboard as producers, and Sony is courting The Muppets director James Bobin to helm the feature. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill will return as Jenko and Schmidt, respectively, and serve as producers as well.

And while this film will see two worlds collides, don’t expect to see Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones return for the action. MIB 23 will most likely be a sequel to 22 Jump Street and a reboot for the MIB franchise where new alien agents will be introduced. It’s plausible that Smith and Jones may have a cameo, but again, don’t get your hopes up.

There’s still a lot up in the air as the film enters production, but expect story details, additional casting announcements, and a release date to surface sooner than later.

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