The New “Game of Thrones” Trailer Is Killer [VIDEO]

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is almost here. HBO’s titan series returns later this month, and with that, a bunch of answers to questions we’ve been asking ever since the show’s bloody finale. From everything we’ve heard and seen thus far, season five definitely served as a giant teaser of what’s to come in season six. From showrunner David Benioff to GoT‘s major players, everyone has touched on the grueling task that was filming the upcoming batch of new episodes.

And even more enticing than explosive trailers like the one that just surfaced this afternoon, is the fact that the season six premiere will reportedly shy away from a slow-burn starter and drops us right into the action. From what we can tell, the show is readying for the colossal war with the White Walkers, which has previously been teased as one of the best battle sequences ever brought to television. And of course, everyone is still speculating on the fate of Jon Snow, even though as the show approaches, GoT has pretty much confirmed his death. Peter Dinklage is a predictable highlight in the new trailer, dropping classic lines like, “It’s what I do … I drink and I know things.”

Anticipation is understandably high. HBO is keeping the cards close to their chest this time around by not providing any screeners for critics. So by time April 24 rolls around, we’ll all more or less be watching the premiere for the first time together.

Take a look at the latest trailer up top and hit us with your season six predictions.

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