$uicideBoy$, Travis Barker, & Korn’s MUNKY Unite For “Live Fast Die Whenever”

The album cover for $uicideboy$ and Travis Barker’s Live Fast Die Whenever signals a hellish ride, seeped but not bathing in satanic imagery. For that reason, it’s fair to expect a dark journey throughout the brief project’s six-track runtime. A high-intensity tone is struck within the opening moments, as a childish vocal sample gives way to screams that might score a stage of Dante’s Inferno. Eventually, the signature $uicideboy$ sound kicks in; should you be wary of the more heavy-metal elements, rest assured that the project is grounded by the signature sound of dark New Orleans rap.

Still, should you be wary of “rap-rock,” there are indeed elements of the subgenre to be found here. Such are indeed part of the package when Korn’s Munky and Blink 182’s Travis Barker enter the equation. The latter’s presence is most heavily felt on the closing track “nothingleftnothingleft,” which pairs shrieking vocals with a pulsating drumline, making this a difficult listen for those uneasy with the heavier elements. Still, there are many charms to be found throughout, niche though this EP may be.