Watch How 2 Chainz Reacts After Trying on This $38K Kobe Bryant Hat [VIDEO]

2 Chainz

There’s no escaping Kobe Bryant’s legacy—at least not any time soon. With the basketball star set to play his final game on Wednesday, April 13 (tonight), his name has been spotted all over headlines everywhere, from CNN to Game Stop, and of course ESPN. GQ has decided to get in on the action in their latest episode of Most Expensivest Shit.

With timing on their side, GQ connected 2 Chainz, the star of the series, with New Era’s Emma Oldenkamp. The executive showcased two Kobe Bryant-inspired hat designs, each with an expensive price tag. One of the hats shown is a purple Italian cashmere hat. The cap is detailed with five yellow diamonds (five championships) and gold snakeskin under the brim. While that’s priced at $24K, the second one is much higher. Coming in at $38K, the black lambskin hat features an 18-karat gold “24” logo, plus gold and black snakeskin to represent Kobe’s “Black Mamba” nickname.

These hats are limited edition. Only 8 hats will be available for purchase at the Staples Center at the TEAM LA store. And the hats are treated with A-list care—Brink’s truck transportation, flights, and security guards.

What are 2 Chainz’s thoughts?  “A f*cking hat that cost 24 thousand? I dig the whole cashmere, the leather, and the lambskin. I’m not sure I would pay for it. Maybe Jack Nicholson,” he said.

Another Kobe Bryant-inspired item that has surfaced includes a limited-edition sculpture.

Watch as 2 Chainz tries on the pricey New Era caps above. Season 3 of Most Expensivest Shit comes back in May.

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