Woman Says Ian Connor Raped Her & Gave Her A STD

Photo via Ian Connor’s Instagram

Uh oh! A woman named Malika Anderson is accusing A$AP crew affiliate and Yeezy model Ian Connor of raping her. She states that she was sexually assaulted by Connor and she pressed charges. She’s coming out about it now because she says she has found strength since the case is closed. The woman went as far as to call Ian a serial rapist and a predator. Anderson claims that he seeks out women on social media who he thinks he can f*ck, and when they say no, he takes it! Anderson says one of several times she was hanging out with Connor, he asked could he give her “head”, and she told him she wasn’t interested in having sex. She says she finally gave into the oral sex, and allegedly this is when Ian raped her. She also says something didn’t feel right about the incident, and she went to get tested the next day and learned that she had contracted gonorrhea. Ian is claiming that the girl’s boyfriend found out so she decided to make up a story. Well to make matters worse, 6 other women are also claiming to have been raped by Ian.

Ian Connor

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